On 11 February Rosemary Muntus ran a fun workshop in the Parish Centre making ‘green hearts’ to support CAFOD’s current environmental campaign.

About a dozen participants of all ages created their own take on a ‘green heart’ – a fabric badge people can wear on St Valentine’s Day to show their love of our planet. And, of course, to provide a chance to talk with people they meet about ecology, climate change, and green lifestyles.

Children and adults alike had an entertaining, instructive and enjoyable session producing many pleasing (and very individual!) designs.

On the following day the hearts were made available at Sunday Mass to anyone willing to wear them (with an optional donation to CAFOD – final total £35).

If you are interested in running a similar event do feel free to take a look at the posters and handouts created for this one.

Publicity and support material

Some adapted from material available on the CAFOD website.