At about this time every year a member of the Finance Committee normally addresses each weekend Mass with the annual appeal to sign up to the Gift Aid Declaration Scheme (GADS).  This year our appeal must necessarily be through the medium of the Parish Newsletter or the Parish Website.

If you are new to the parish and are a tax payer then please join GADS, which means that your contributions to the weekly Sunday and to the monthly Parish Fabric Fund collections will be increased by 25%.  If you wish to join up to the scheme please contact the parish office by making a written request and placing it in the Centre letter box.  You’ll either get envelopes or make an arrangement to pay your contribution by Standing Order from your bank.  If you are currently a contributor using envelopes and wish to change to Bank Standing Order this can be done by filling in one of the forms that are again available from the Parish Office.

For existing members of the GADS scheme, we simply want to say thank you for your continued support, but if at some stage in the future you cease to pay income tax, please let the Parish Office know.  This is important as we do not wish to over claim from HMRC.

Parish Finance Committee