Going to Mass under Covid-19 regulations

  • The parish is required to comply with the government’s Covid-19 Guidance at all times. This will be managed by the Stewards at each Mass. Failure to comply fully with the guidelines will lead to the suspension of public Mass.
  • Without exception, everyone will be asked to complete a Registration Card with their contact details, including the date and time of each Mass they are attending. This is a requirement of the government’s Test and Trace System. You can download and print a Registration Card from this web page and additional cards will be available from the church. Registration Cards must be completed before you arrive for Mass and put in a box which a Steward will show you.
  • Do not attend Mass if you, or any member of your household, are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self-isolate, regardless of whether you have made a booking previously.
  • May we remind you that because the car park needs to be used for social distancing, there is currently no parking available at the church car park for Mass.
  • Please arrive at least five minutes before Mass is due to begin. This will allow Stewards to get everyone seated before Mass begins, and allow sufficient time to clean the church at the end of each Mass. A Steward will read the safety notice approximately three minutes before each Mass begins. This notice may change from time to time in the light of circumstances prevailing. It is therefore important that everyone is aware of all the “dos and don’ts”.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times. Please bring your own face covering to each Mass. Stewards will refuse entry to anyone not wearing a face mask who is required to do so by government guidelines. Instructions on receiving communion and movement within the church will be read out by a Steward before each Mass.
  • Please follow the Stewards’ instructions about the process for receiving communion.
  • Entry to the church will be via the Narthex door, nearest to Stricklands Road. If you are unable to use the steps, please ask a Steward who will make arrangements for you to enter through the porch.
  • Hands must be sanitised upon entry. Hand sanitiser is provided for your use.
  • You may bring your own Missal, provided you take it home with you after the Mass. No other mass Books or cards will be available.
  • Social Distancing inside church must be maintained at a minimum of 1 meter. This will allow us to make maximum use of the permitted space. Wherever possible, Stewards will arrange for family groups to be sat together. However, Stewards may refuse entry if the church is too full.
  • Please do not leave your pew until instructed to do so by one of the Stewards. This includes receiving communion or on leaving church at the end of Mass. This is to ensure that strict social distancing is maintained.
  • Please do not congregate by the entrance or exit to the church, to allow safe passage for all members of the congregation.
  • Please listen carefully to the instructions read out at the beginning of each Mass. They will help you to stay safe and ensure the safety of those around you during the Mass and on leaving the church.

Your Mass registration card

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