Please check the readings when you arrive at church, seeing that the page is open at the right reading and that you’ve prepared the right one. You should not need to practise or study your reading at the lectern; that should have been done already at home in conjunction with your Guide for Readers.  Please also double check that the microphone has been switched on.

First reader:

  • When Father reaches the font, introduce the Entry Antiphon, in a loud confident voice.
  • After the Collect go to the lectern and read the First Reading and Responsorial Psalm. Do not say, “The first reading is from …” but simply “A reading from …”.  At the end, pause (count to 2) before saying, “The word of the Lord”. Do not say, “This is the word of the Lord”.
  • Count to at least 5 after the people’s “Thanks be to God” before announcing the Psalm Response. Please don’t run them together like one sentence. Do not say, “The response to the Psalm is”, simply announce the response for the congregation to repeat.
  • At the Memorial Acclamation (Mystery of Faith) boldly start the response for the congregation.
  • At the Priest’s Communion from the Chalice, when the bell has been rung, boldly start the Communion Antiphon.

Second Reader:

  • After the Responsorial Psalm go to the lectern and read the Second Reading and start the Alleluia.
  • As above do not say, “The second reading is from …”, simply “A reading from …”
  • There should be a definite pause before you start the Alleluia (at least count to 5). Each time you say Alleluia, say it confidently. Think what it means: praise of God, so don’t let your voice drop. After the Creed go to the lectern for the Bidding Prayers. Please read through the Bidding Prayers before Mass starts and check any pronunciation of unusual names with Father.
  • Readers are forgetting to pause between announcing the intention and saying “Lord, hear us” or other response. This pause is very important. It’s the heart of the prayer. At least count to 5 each time.
  • Lead the saying of the Hail Mary; don’t just leave it to the priest or the people.
  • Remain at the lectern until Father has finished the concluding prayer.

Weekday Masses

  • If you are reading at a weekday Mass, please remember that it is your responsibility to lead the congregation in the Memorial Acclamation, the same as on a Sunday. Don’t leave it to other people in the congregation, even if they are readers, to start it off. At weekday Masses and Feast days, Father will introduce and start the Entrance Antiphon and Communion Antiphon, unless otherwise advised.