Some 30 parishioners attended this year’s Parish Annual General Meeting, the first since 2019 because of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic. Gillian Millyard reported the results of the Time, Talents and Treasure initiative, which has brought new volunteers for a number of parish activities, and reports were also heard from the Pastoral Group, the Food Bank, CAFOD+ and the Social Committee. The church now runs a regular pop-up shop for the Food Bank every Wednesday lunchtime in the Parish Centre, while events run by CAFOD+ include an introduction to COP26 (the first event in the refurbished upstairs hall) and a Soup Day which raised over £500 for Ukraine.

Simon Millyard explained the need to refurbish the bell tower, which is in need of substantial repair – as a part of this work it will also be possible to refurbish the bells so they can be rung remotely. The possibility of using chairs as well as, or instead of, pews in the church was also discussed.

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